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just a few updates and patches.

1 day ago by Cole

I have redesigned the /Stake and /Dice commands to /Gamble which will bring up the menu below.

there have been multiple occasions where players have reported being scammed at dice, I hope that making the rules more accessible will allow players to understand the consequences for Scamming at a Gambling area such as Dice or Stake.
you can access the rules in game via "/Gamble>>Gambling Rules>>Open forums post/See in game"

Other updates include
-pipe has been fixed at the Barbarian Agility course.
-there was a typo with bank notes where you could not redeem cash from them with more than 204,700,000 coins in your inventory. this number typo has been fixed to 2047,000,000 coins so that you will not go over 2147m and lose cash.
-Donator general store that ...


1 day ago by Etoke


We take a very serious stance against scamming on Enchanta. This includes, but is not limited to:
[*]- Item switching in trade screens
[*]- Rule switching in the Duel Arena
[*]- Failing to pay out in ::dice
If you are scammed, then you must file a player report on the Forums with EVIDENCE. Without evidence staff are not allowed to react accordingly. If you are caught scamming, you will be banned for a week. Repeated offences will merit a permanent ban, and then a blacklist. Any players found scamming through Dicing will have their dicer rank stripped of them, unless you are a Patron, and will have a large portion of their bank taxed.
If you are scammed, doing a "55x2" dice bet(with valid proof.) you will receive your bet back, plus 50% of the pot. (With the scammer still being taxed a portion of ...

So you think you're Agile?

4 days ago by Cole

I have recently seen a massive amount of players abusing a bug in the gnome agility course.
This has been patched and will no longer be an issue, for the players that have abused this bug, some of you have been banned and will serve out your sentence for how ever long you have left on it.

For the players who have already received 99 Tenth agility, their stats will not be touched, nor will they be penalized.

The Wilderness Agility course has been revamped!
This course is by far the best way to train agility, although it is the most dangerous.
you need a agility level of 35 to run this course.
running the full course will reward you with a collective 393k Experience on 0 prestige.

I believe this course is bug proof.
But that being said if you find a bug with this course or any other bugs please post them ...

New Quests | Patches |[4/18/14]

6 days ago by Cole

Over the last week i have been training for Quest Developer position, now that i have got it i will be releasing brand new quests both custom and classic for all of you to enjoy on a weekly to biweekly basis.

Two new quests have been released thus far.
Please enjoy them, and reap the rewards.
Imp Catcher
Doric's Quest

Imp Spawn locations
for the Imp catcher quest i needed to spawn a couple of imps, i will be spawning more in their correct locations.

Currently there are
4 south of falador
3 between lumbridge and draynor
2 west of the entrance of grand exchange

These should be plenty for now, when i get back from school i will be adding more

-Fixed bugs where you cannot use rune ess/pure ess on multiple altars.
-Fixed all runecrafting altars
-Added Astral altar to ...


6 days ago by Enchanta

Hey everyone, we are currently looking to add a promotional video to the server, we are willing to pay 250 tokens (80 usd worth) and free patron rank (With gold icon (worth 130 usd)).

We are seeking someone with IMMENSE video making skills, someone who knows what there doing and can make it look very professional.

If your interested in giving it a go, PM me in game (Please dont pm me if your not experienced because it will probably go to waste, we want something to use officially).

On the other hand, we think the server lacks videos on YouTube, and would appreciate it if someone would make a few pk vids, and misc server vids, we may reward in-game GP if there good.

-- Thanks ...

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